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Do you sneak Netflix time? (So do lots of moms, survey reveals)

by Anna Lane

Confession: Yesterday afternoon, under the guise of Marie Kondo-ing my wardrobe, I hid in my closet and watched the first episode of The Crown.

While I was indulging in the drama and romance of Elizabeth and Philip, my children were drawing on walls and using my couch as a trampoline. But, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a small price to pay for 56 minutes of uninterrupted “me time.” I was feeling (kind of) guilty about ignoring my children and sneaking in some TV, but then the interwebs brought me the news that 71 percent of moms admit to sneak-watching TV—and now I feel so much better.

According to a study done by my old friend Netflix, moms admit to sneaking in TV time while simultaneously doing all the stuff moms do—or lying about it, in my case. It looks as though quite a few mamas have taken a page from their spouse’s playbooks and learned to utilize their time in the loo: That’s where 40 percent of those polled admitted to catching up on their favorite shows. [Read more at Motherly.com]