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All I Want for Christmas Is to Be Left Alone

'It got to the point where I began to actually empathize with the Grinch'

by Anna Lane

Ah, the holidays. The special time of year when families get together to celebrate the spirit of the season. Or, in my case, the special time of year when my husband and I used to fight for weeks on end about where and with whom we’d be spending Christmas. You’d think, after 15 years together, we would have managed to figure out a solution. But despite our best efforts, we could never seem to arrive at a compromise that managed to make everyone happy; and we were always the ones who ended up the most miserable.

Where to spend Christmas was always a point of contention in our relationship. Over the years we did our best to appease everyone. We setup a schedule where we planned to switch off every other year, but inevitably something always came up that necessitated us changing our plans. This, of course, left one or the other of our families feeling slighted, and, not-so-lucky for us, our mothers were always more than willing to let us know just how upset they were. [Read more at ParentMap.com]