Practice Feng Shui to Improve Your Sex Life

by Anna Lane

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, chances are you’ve got at least a few complaints about your sex life. If you’re tired of one night stands and terrible blind dates, or so bored by the same-old spousal sex that you’re worried you might nod off before the big finish, it could be time to make a change in your home decor–or more specifically, where you place your home decor.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that determines the best design of a room or building to achieve maximum harmony in the flow of energy between the environment and the inhabitant. Practitioners and proponents of feng shui believe that the home is a portal for physical manifestation when the energy is allowed to flow freely, and the results can be tremendous. Each area of a home corresponds to different aspects of life–financial abundance, sex and love, career, etc.–and the items that one places in these areas impact the results in real life. It all sounds a bit esoteric, but when it’s distilled down to simple practical examples, it makes a lot of sense–just think, if you’re looking to attract a partner who is warm and caring and available, you’re probably going to need to move the giant spiky cactus that’s holding pride of place in your love corner. [Read more at]